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Payment Portal System

The best back office payment processing and payment system that provides multiple connections to different payment operators.

Payment Portal System
  • Multilevel and SOA compatible architecture;

  • Independent from DB, Application server;

  • Cross device web interface and user access;

  • Multi-functionality, Multi-recurrence;

  • Multi-level of security and authentication (MFA);

  • Management of interfaces and APIs connections;

  • Provides real-time monitoring of the transactions and the overall status of the payment process;

  • Provides AML, KYC monitoring of transactions;

  • Screen for suspicious financial activity;

  • Provides information for liquidity and payment flows management;

  • Generate operational and regulatory reporting;

  • Full audit and compliance reporting log;

  • Unlimited transaction history;



Management of the logical and physical interfaces for connection with: SWIFT, SEPA, TARGET2, RINGS, BISERA6, BISERA7, SEBRA, BISTRA;

  • Definition and Parameterization of payment operators;

  • Management and Maintenance of multi-currencies payment messages;

  • Credit transfer SCT

  • Direct debit SDD

Predefined interfaces to Oracle FlexCube
24x365 operating mode of the system
Open APIs integration layer;
Unique and innovative functionality
Protection against loss, duplication or alteration of the message;
Convenient user interface;
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